Gurmeet Arora, Founder, and CEO of Flax healthy living and DJ turned entrepreneur has been in the hospitality industry for about a decade with his on-demand health food restaurant, Flax. The brand has a presence in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Pune. Gurmeet also partners with several stand-alone establishments such as Tryst: A nightclub in Mumbai, Yazu: Pan Asian Supper Club, Brickhouse, and Doppio.

A name now synonymous with pan-Asian gastronomy in the city, Yazu has now opened yet another outlet at one of the city’s most premium locations, South Mumbai, which is also touted to be its flagship outlet.

A sumptuous 6,000-square-foot expanse has been sculpted into a lively biophilic outdoor space and an invitingly earthy indoor dining space. After being a hit in Andheri and taking over Goa, Yazu is all set to put you in a state of gastronomic bliss with dishes that have a delicate balance of tradition and modernity. So if you are anywhere near Lower Parel, make sure to make your way to Yazu and treat yourself to an immersive

Asian culinary experience brought to you by the highest standards of quality
and service. A business figure created FLAX based on his challenges working as a Dj with late-night binge eating.Gurmeet saw effective changes in his lifestyle when he made small changes in his diet and started to practise a routine eating schedule.

Flax healthy living was born in 2017, realising how the modern generation has hectic work life with not enough sleep and poor nutrition. After five successful years and expansion in three cities, Gurmeet aspires to bring healthy food to the country and even plans to expand
the business internationally.

Presently, Flax healthy living boasts numbers like 2.5 million orders served with immense love from customers and patrons in 2021 with an exponential growth rate. Gurmeet believes that modern consumers have grown more conscious and Flax only aims to help achieve a balanced, wholesome, and nutritious diet for all in 2022 and stronger ahead.

 Gurmeet has proactively been working to create fresh additions to the menu by introducing seasonal specials like strawberry and mango menus available across their on-demand kitchen and established outlets.

Venturing a step ahead in targeted wholesome meal plans Gurmeet has launched a subscription model called ‘FLAX IT UP’ making it India’s only customised meal plan which specifically focuses on ailments like PCOS, Diabetes, Weight loss, Weight gain, and many more.

The model is carefully created in collaboration with renowned G.I. Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala (Dr. Muffi) the subscription has been received well and has already seen a collaboration with fitness studios like Nitrro Gym.

Ranbir Nagpal - CEO Indus Hospitality

  1. Yazu, Lower Parel is your third outlet in 4 years. How does it feel to establish a brand in the business of hospitality at such a short span of time?

As a brand, Yazu is growing strength to strength. In the business of hospitality, customer is king andthe reason our expansion plans have worked is because of our customer centricity. Yazu is a celebrated name, purely because of our services and unparalleled food. Pan Asian Cuisine has a big market. After our success in the western suburbs, we wanted to establish the brand Yazu in South Mumbai. Today, as the CEO of Indus Hospitality proudly unveil Yazu Lower Parel to our loyal customers. Yazu Lower Parel is a product of focused research which gives us confidence in this offering. We are progressing to establish the brand in many locations across India.

  1. Yazu has always been synonymous with its interiors and the decor, what can one expect in Yazu, Lower Parel?

    RN) True to brand Yazu, the theme takes inspiration from Asia. Vibrant and bold, featuring hues like red, orange, gold and black – the colours associated with Asian culture. As lighting is an essential part of the experience, we have kept soft ambient lighting coupled with accent lighting to highlight specific elements of the decor. Also, the interiors donne ornate wooden carvings, traditional Asian artwork and cultural symbols. Commonly used furniture pieces are traditional and contemporary yet comfortable.
  2. You’re Enroute to becoming a pioneer in the world of hospitality. From banquets to successful food outlets like Juliette and Yazu, where do u derive your vision from?

I have been fortunate to have travelled the world. I’ve been a hotel management student and have had the privilege of working with Taj Mahal, Mumbai. One thing that I observed over the years and across cultures is that food is an emotion that binds people and families. This is what pulled me towards hospitality. My family, most importantly my parents have been a guiding light in my pursuit of building an entity in the world of hospitality. The tough job was to ensure that our customers swear by the quality of the food. And we at Yazu leave no stone unturned to keep the quality top notch. Yazu provides a unique dining experience, interactive entertainment and themed decor that aims to differentiate our restaurant from competitors. Juliette, Andheri is growing to be the popular outlet catering to people who love European food.

  1. How and when did you zero in on the location of Yazu Lower Parel?

Our success in Yazu Goa got us searching for inferences as to what made it click with the customers. That’s when we realised that most of the reviews and customers were flowing in from South Mumbai. This gave us the confidence to establish Yazu in South Mumbai. Parel as a location required careful consideration of the target market, type of cuisine, competition, accessibility, footfalls etc; we had to weigh these factors to make this happen. But we have confidence that there is are Yazu loving customers waiting for us in South Mumbai. And here we are!

  1. Does the massive competition in South Mumbai perturb you?

Competition is good! We don’t look at it negatively. Our focus is to excel with our offering.

  1. Being one of the youngest entrepreneurs of your generation where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Currently, my focus and energy is in taking Indus Hospitality to the next level. Creating employment for the youth and excelling in our business is a big motivation. We are looking to add more outlets across India. It’s satisfying to see this all take shape just the way we envisioned